Our story

You are probably tired of unpleasant experiences when it comes to purchasing scooter parts or any product in this category. I have been through many similar experiences, and here are some that I would like to share with you.

I bought a scooter part in 2021 from a different store than where I usually did it. The whole process went as it should until, 3 weeks later, I had the misfortune of breaking it. As an ordinary consumer, I resonated with contacting an employee of that store to go through the warranty process and receive a new product. The manufacturer guarantees a number of months of its operation and any damage results in the exchange of the good with a new one FREE OF CHARGE.

Well, this store chose not to follow the manufacturer's conditions and, on the contrary, to offer me a discount on my next purchase. Considering that the purchased part hardly shows signs of wear besides the mentioned damage, it was an absolutely terrible experience.

Due to the 7 years of experience in the industry, the dozens of riders who have gone through similar moments and their complaints/shortcomings, I decided to make a difference.

From here, we created Pride Scootering. I wanted to offer riders an opportunity to be noticed. My only goal is to form a very united community. Each order is approached with care, interest and the desire to help each individual. On the Instagram page, riders are constantly shared without expecting anything in return (@pride.scootering). Every customer is listened to and we try to help in every case. For every problem, I came up with a solution. For each misunderstanding, I communicated with the respective persons to resolve the situation. That's why I support the Rider Owned culture, here the voice of the community matters the most.

For the fact that you invested your time to learn more about us, I want to reward you. Use discount code "MX10" for 10% discount on any product now!



Laurentiu Maniliuc


When will my order arrive?

If your product is not listed in the "Physical Stock" section, this means that it must be taken from the supplier, which adds to the processing of the order. On average, this takes 5-10 working days. Otherwise, if the product/products are in our possession, they will be shipped on the same working day before 16:00.